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  American Organization of Companies is an organization that provides a broad range of Housing, Home and Community Services by leading industry experts that help provide a better standard of living for all Americans throughout our country.

  American Organization of Companies was founded by a group of successful, seasoned professionals, who believe in rebuilding and supporting our Nations communities by providing quality affordable home services, products and programs.

  Throughout the web site you can learn more about the services and programs that American Organization of Companies and its Affiliated Companies provide.

  We look forward to assisting you and providing more information or answering any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us by using the specific company service or program Contact Us form that you would like to learn more about.
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The New Custom Personalized Community Partner Membership & Store Platform

  Introducing one of the first membership & e-commerce store platform programs of its kind in the Country, structured to help our Community Partners increase their sustainable revenue stream and at the same time help promote businesses in their local communities.

This new platform was developed in conjunction with preparing for the launch of the Community Partnership Program nationwide.  This platform will give Community Partners the ability to create their own members social networks, the ability to communicate with other Community Partners, and an e-commerce store for fundraising and promotion of their goals.